Dan Knight
Dan KnightAttorney | Contractor | Real Estate Broker
Dan Knight has spent his whole life in the construction industry. Born into a family of contractors, he is a third generation California contractor. From his first days, Dan has been on job sites working with his Father’s underground and house lifting and moving company. Having been apprenticed by master craftsmen working from laborer to Journeyman, Dan founded a handyman business his senior year of high school that eventually grew into Dan Knight Construction & Plumbing in 2006. He has operated Dan Knight Construction & Plumbing ever since as a General Engineering, General Building, and Plumbing construction company [see license here].

Involved in the community

Dan Knight Construction & Plumbing is a full-service remodeling and underground company specializing in projects that have others scratching their heads [www.DanKnightConstruction.com]. Having no formal education, in 2010 Dan returned to school completing night and online classes in accounting to be able to run a more efficient company and set his sights on taking the Certified Public Accounting exam to become a CPA in California. Knight obtained a B.S. and M.S. in Accounting from Walden University and is currently working on passing the four sections of the CPA examination.

While studying for the CPA exam, Dan decided to attend Law School. Running Dan Knight Construction & Plumbing through college and Law School, Dan graduated from the Santa Barbara Colleges of Law with a Juris Doctorate and dual certificates of concentration in Business Law and Family Law. He then took and passed the California Bar Exam on the first try [see license here] and became a member of the California Bar as a licensed Attorney. While waiting on Bar Exam results, Dan studied for and passed first try on the California Real Estate Brokers’ Exam and obtained licensure as a California Real Estate Broker [see license here].

While in school and running the construction division of Dan Knight Construction & Plumbing, Dan was regularly retained to be an expert witness on cases involving foundation defects and other construction issues. He also offered expert opinions on matters involving construction defect, project management, fit and finish warranty claims, contractor standard of care, and site drainage to name a few topics within his practice. Additionally, Dan has been retained as a consultant for the Sate of California, Contractors State Licensed Board to work on testing and industry expert opinions on behalf of the State. Dan was also appointed by the San Luis Obispo City Council to the Planning Commission and has severed as a planning commissioner as well as an appointment to the Administrative Review Board for the City.

Most recently, Dan was hired to Lecture at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Polytechnic University in the Construction Management Department teaching: Construction Law, Construction Accounting, Introduction to Construction Management, and Building Engineering Systems, MEP. In addition, Dan is a Part-time Lecturer at Cuesta Community College in San Luis Obispo, teaching Construction Business Management and Managerial and Financial Accounting.

Dan is married, has two children, and a cat named “Cat.” He is a San Luis Obispo County native and his operations are based in SLO County—though he covers all of the State of California and the Western Untied States.