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Having grown up in a construction family, being a third generation constructor, Dan earned his strips working with a shovel in hand and trowels and bullfloats out. He knows the value of real-world experience and expertise. Having grown up in small town America, it allows a perspective of the working people while bringing in the perspective law and politics. Involved at the local, state, and national level. Dan is able to give a voice to the small contractor, homeowner, governments, and parties interested in construction.
We feel we have a duty to the community to give back in a way that helps to keep locals local, and contributes to society’s well-being. We believe that a way we are able to do this is to actively support and recruit qualified candidates from the Construction Technology Department at Cuesta College. We feel that society teaches that a four-year degree is the only way to success in modern life. We believe that the Construction Technology Department at Cuesta College is filling the gap by teaching general studies and hands-on skills that students can take to an employer to be successful and break the myth that four-year college is the only way to succeed.
Construction: Site & Foundation Work, Structural Remodels, Finish Work, & Remodel, Underground & Utility Services, Public Works, Agency Interface & the Building Process Law Practice: Area of Practice: • Business • Civil • Construction • Expert Witness • Land Use • Real Property/Real Estate Expert Witness Column Expert Witness Areas Include (But Not Limited To) : Residential • Construction Defect • Both Consulting and Trial • General Engineering Contractor Standard of Care • General Building Contractor Standard of Care • Plumbing Contractor Standard of Care • SB 800 Reasonability and Feasibility Opinions • Foundations • Retention Walls • Site Drainage • Vertical Construction Opinions • Underground Construction Opinions • Habitable and Constructive Eviction Opinions Process
I can honestly and wholeheartedly endorse Dan Knight after almost a year of working alongside each other. He shows genuine integrity, intelligence and a strong work ethic in everything he does. If you ever have a chance to work with Dan, you will understand what I am talking about.
Erik Wright, LEED AP, Construction Manager & Cost Estimator
Daniel is one of those rare people that you know will always be honest and open in business settings. He takes great pride in his work, and it definately shows both in his process and in the finished product. Daniel is constantly pushing himself to learn more, and this guarantees that he will always make accurate and relevant recommendations to those he chooses to work with. He is a great example of doing business the right way.
Kevin Campbell, Financial Advisor
I had the pleasure of having Mr. Knight in two classes that I offered at the Santa Barbara College of Law: Environmental Law and Business Associations. Daniel was a first-rate student who was able to not only understand complex issues, but to articulate them in reasoned and comprehensible manners.
Jim Scafide, Principal, Scafide Law Firm, PC


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In business in SLO County for more than a decade, our opinions on projects can help you through a project in need of salvage. We can help turn your project around.

Experience allows us to streamline project management, pre-construction, construction, closeout, and aftercare.

On projects that enter the public right-of-way, we demystify the process by giving you the information to make educated decisions.

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