I create solutions to financial and building barriers
that keep people from getting the product they want.

I act as a Consulting Expert Witness and Litigation Expert Witness in construction related matters. I offer opinions on constructability and feasibility of repairs in residential and commercial construction. I complete reports on defects and carry out de-constructive investigations to discover root causes. In addition, I offer standard or care opinions for “A” General Engineering Contractors, “B” General Building Contractors, and “C-36” Plumbing Contractors.

I manage a construction company in San Luis Obispo County. I am in charge of the company’s business management, finance, and accounting operations. I estimate and submit bids for projects and keep records for budget, cost, and profit analysis. I do research and analysis of economic and political conditions in order to predict the factors that will affect future project costs. I prepare and compile financial statements in order to assess the company’s financial and business health. I work with clients to structure contracts and benchmarks that fulfil their needs while allowing the business to maintain its cash flow and liquidity objectives.

Acting as a Construction Defect Consultant, I work with real estate agents and brokers to provide estimates to help their clients close deals, and later am retained to complete the work. I provide written correspondence that can be used as a negotiating tool during real property transactions. I work on projects with bank involvement to complete repairs on homes that are un-lendable because of some construction defect with payment out of escrow. I run part time field operations acting in a speciality capacity in the mechanical and structural concrete trades.

I have worked in CLSB workshops to help in the regulation of contractors in California.

I teach at Cuesta College in the Business and Construction Technology departments as a way to give back to the community.



The Colleges of Law              Santa Barbra, California Juris Doctorate                                        GPA 2.47

Walden University                Minneapolis, Minnesota Master’s of Accountancy                          GPA 3.9

Walden University               Minneapolis, Minnesota Bachelors of Science Accounting              GPA 3.39

Professional Experience

Professional Experience.

2006Present. Position: Expert Witness | Construction Defect Consultant | General Engineering Contractor | Building Contractor | Plumbing Contractor. Established August 2006, responsible for all aspects of a light general engineering, building, and plumbing construction firm. Act as competent man on building and safety issues and maintain all compliance and required licensing and permits. We specialize in hard to build and problem projects specifically having to do with foundation and house lifting. In addition, we offer plumbing and remodeling services. The company has been in existence since 2006 with more than 17 personal years of experience in the San Luis Obispo County and California Construction industry as a second generation California Contractor.

I act as a consulting expert to many attorneys, real estate brokers and agents, and homeowners. I also act as litigation expert witness. My education and background allow me to give a unique perspective in that I have worked in property development both as a builder and during my legal education on the developer side, along with family development projects. I have completed with my own hands all the tasks needed to complete the building or site. I offer nomenclature translation from Construction and Building to Legal and Financial. I have worked with banks, contractors, insurance companies, and surety companies in order to settle disputes outside of litigation and have had direct interfaces with them during litigation. I provide clear communications to all parties concerned and am always cognizant of conflicts. I have issued many expert reports in conjunction with construction matters and have had extensive training in depositions as well as being deposed by both highly aggressive and passive opponents. I often act, as the owner’s representative in construction matters to avoid conflict and to document issues with an eye towards settlement and litigation. My experience with actual hands-on building coupled with academic training and extensive experience in the residential and light commercial building industry allows generation of realistic easy to understand reports and narratives. I have experience in Private, Public, and Government construction and building. In addition to defect reports, I also issue standard of care opinions for “A” General Engineering Contractors, “B” General Building Contractors, and “C-36” Plumbing Contractors.

2016Present. Attorney at Law | Real Estate Broker: Principal to law offices specializing in real property, land use, construction defect, real property and contractor compliance, as well as property financial and taxation issues. We represent clients in construction and property matters and are retained to further the interests of clients and the community as a whole, both through the legal and political functions of our government on a local and state level. We are often engaged by other attorneys to handle matters that require specific building and legal knowledge.

2016Present. San Luis Obispo City Planning Commissioner: The Planning Commission regularly makes decisions regarding land use policies and specific development applications. Some are recommendations to the Council and some are final, subject to appeal to the Council. The PC also reviews and recommends long-range plans for the City’s growth and development.

2016Present. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Construction Management Lecturer: As a lecturer at Cal Poly I teach: CM 334, Construction Law: The intersection of law and the construction industry. Topics of study include a survey of most major legal issues potentially encountered during construction activity.

CM 335, Construction Accounting: Fundamentals of construction accounting principles to include income recognition, job cost control, cash flow analysis and associated cost reports.

CM 115, Fundamentals of Construction Management: Production of drawings and specifications for residential and light commercial construction. Integration of scheduling, estimating, codes, and contracts with a project based approach. Manual drawing techniques and computer aided drafting with building information modeling develop visualization skills for architectural systems.

ARCE 476, Architectural Engineering Building Systems: Principles and practices for the sustainable design, fabrication, and installation of architectural engineering building systems; including air/gas, water/wastewater, electrical, and control systems. Methods and materials used for fabrication and installation; including cost and schedule considerations.

Adjunct Professor: 2014-Present: Professor of Construction Technology at Cuesta College San Luis Obispo. I teach Construction Business Management, Introduction to Plumbing, Survey of Residential construction, as well as other general construction courses. I was selected because of my diverse background and ability to adapt to situations within an institution and still profess usable and relevant trade training and knowledge. In addition, I am also a professor in the Business Department teaching Financial and Managerial Accounting courses.

November 2013-April 2015. Position: Law Clerk (Law Offices of John J. Thyne) I assisted in representing clients Pro Bono in construction defect and real property matters. I worked in collaboration with other clerks to complete the full litigation process, including client meetings, legal research, drafting pleadings, service of process, discovery, settlement, case management, oral argument, and trial. My expert opinion was the basis for the settlement of one of the cases and for material mitigation of damages in another.

September 2013- August 2014. Position: Legal Intern (S&S Homes of the Central Coast INC.) I worked under corporate general counsel. My duties included assisting in subdivision map recordation, processing map disclosures, writing and revising subcontractor and sales contracts, processing and researching land use and entitlements, and assisting in general real property matters. I provided support in construction defect litigation and aided outside counsel in discovery and defense. I ran cost-benefit analyses on proposals to assess feasibility. I completed onsite structure analysis and advised corporate counsel on construction defect matters.



California Contractors License #882611

EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm

California Licensed Attorney #310207

CA Real Estate Broker, Lic #01993903

AAADM Certified Automatic Door Inspector



Golden Key Honour Society: Reserved for top 15% of each college.

American Institute of CPAs (AICPA): Affiliate Member

California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA): Member

SLO County Bar Association: Active Member

Rotary (SLO Monday Lunch Club): Member

Awards and Certificates

Awards & Certificates.

Certificate of Concentration in Business Law | Certificate of Concentration in Family Law

High Course Grade Wills & Trusts | High Course Grade Business Associations Witkin

Award Business Associations | 2016 Top 20 under 40 SLO Tribune



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